A man in a body shop working on repairing a car

Auto Body Shops

The auto body repair industry is crowded and you need every advantage you can get to stay ahead of the competition. There are so many ways to reach your potential customers, how do you choose the most cost-effective options? 

Optimization Prime has worked with auto body shops across the country to help them rise above the competition using a variety of digital marketing techniques. Our team will work with you to determine a strategic plan that uses the right tools for your specific needs.

Some of our services for auto body shops include:

  • Web Development

    The heart of your business online is your website. Without a good website, all of your other digital marketing efforts will be less effective. Our developers will help you create an attractive website that works to turn visitors into paying customers. We’ll also ensure that your new website is mobile-friendly and fast so it’s easy for customers to find contact you when they need you.

  • SEO

    Search engine optimization is the process of improving your results in search engines like Google. People are more likely to click on the top results of a search, so we want your business to be number one! There are a multitude of factors that impact search results.

    First, we’ll make sure your website is optimized with techniques like using the right keywords and adjusting technical settings. Then, there are techniques for off-page SEO that we can use like ensuring all of your citations are up-to-date and review platforms are set up to help boost your presence across the web.

    We offer an SEO Foundation package to get your company set up on the right path and also ongoing SEO to help you continue to keep up with the competition.

  • PPC/Geofencing

    While SEO helps to improve organic traffic to your website, paid advertising like pay-per-click campaigns and geofencing brings you directly to the customer wherever they are. There are plenty of pay-per-click advertising choices to fit just about any budget and improve brand awareness quickly.

    Contact Optimization Prime today to get started on a customized digital marketing plan for your auto body shop!